Friday, September 25, 2020

I Lost a Week!

I fell ill on Saturday, September 19th. 

The real kind of ill. I had a fever of 103, chills, nausea, puking,  fatigue, dizziness, fogged mind, body aches. 

We immediately thought it was COVID because I had not been sick in over 30 years. We called the Doc, got a COVID test, and took fever reducers every 4 hours while trying to stay hydrated. 

The COVID test came back NEGATIVE on Wednesday but my fever kept spiking. It hit 103.4 and my doc sent me to the hospital. They took me right in, rapidly took a huge number of vials of blood for testing. IV fluids, antibiotics, and antivirals were pumped into me. COVID, Flu, Mono, Hep A B &C, were all eliminated within hours.

Blood analytics began to reveal more clues. I had an in-office exam on Thursday and more tests. All the combined clues has it looking like a TICK born viral infection.

They took several more vials of blood. Best Phlebotomist Ever! We are not waiting for the results. Aggressive Treatment has ensued. 

Nothing like celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary in the hospital.

I'm on the mend. I've come out of the fog. Only fatigue and body aches remain. I'm glad I had an existing doc that will take a call and render advice at all hours. And a wife to make those calls.

--Now back to work... maybe after a nap.

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