Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Relic by Roberta Worthington

My friend Roberta Worthington has published her Young Adult novel!


Twelve-year-old Samantha Whitaker isn’t too happy about her parents’ decision to fulfill their dream of opening a country inn. She despises the inn, calling it “the Ick.” And she’s not too fond of anything else in the small village either, including the antique shop, where she purchases a strange relic just to annoy her mother.

Her defiance comes to a head when she steals her parents’ car—and crashes it after almost running over a strange chestnut-haired girl. As she regains consciousness, she wonders what happened to the girl, who’d been staring at her so unsettlingly. Had Samantha managed to avoid hitting her?

Strangely, no one knows anything about the mysterious girl. Samantha’s search for answers leads her to learn about the history of the old inn, which was once inhabited by a local legend, a colorful woman who had been a benefactor of the town, inviting artists, musicians, poets, and great minds of the time to hold lectures and classes there. Some believe her spirit still haunts the inn.

Uncovering a paranormal puzzle with a few missing pieces, Samantha’s journey takes her to surprising new places in this middle-grade mystery inspired by a real historical mansion.

Buy this book! I made the acknowledgements.

--Available on Amazon!

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