Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Holy Crap! It's Real!

I received the proofs today from my publisher and actually got to hold it in my hand.

I think it was a bigger deal for me than I realized.

Writing a novel has been a life long dream for me. I have few things on my bucket list and this was one of them.

Today, holding the book made it real. The dream, realized.

There is still work to do. The publisher has given me formatting advice regarding headers and page numbers and copyright pages, acknowledgements and a pile of other little things I never though of when all I was going to do was ePub the thing.

I got two of the proofs. They are dated February 9, 2015. The very first printings. They will have places of honor in my personal library. But damn. I have got to fix a pile of stuff...

--Soon to be collectors items!!

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