Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's Next?

Last weekend I went to the Maryland Renfest. Any chance to not wear pants and I'm in! Some friends this photo is a good, "About the Author" photo. "It says all anyone needs to know!"

I finished my first novel last week and it went to an editor for spelling and grammar edits.

Being in the habit of working it daily, I moved right on to the next book:

     The Broken Cage

I had so much I cut out of the first book I spend the first week sorting through the sections I wanted to keep. I already have 18 chapters and 35,000 words for book two.

This book will be so much faster to finish. I have a clear plot to go on and a worthy climax already written.

Today I am also going on a photoshoot with a model that I might base one of my characters on and use for cover art. Totally bad ass...

--Now for cool cover art...


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