Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Figures

I got up this morning, made coffee, had a blueberry muffin, and sat down to work on my book.

When I opened Scrivener, the excellent tool I am using to write this thing, and received a message that an update was available for download and installation.  I have updated like this dozens of times so I clicked ok.

Somehow the update failed.

When the program comes up, it gives me a scarey error message, it tells me to uninstall the program and reinstall.

No guts, no glory. Why not, I have backups.

I uninstall, download the current version, install it, open it up, got to the menu and I see a "Backup Link".

There is no "Restore" menu option.

I drink way more coffee before continuing. I tried several things that didn't work. More coffee was the only thing that worked.

I finally figured out that I needed to unzip the backup manually.

--It only took me an hour. Back to work!

1 comment:

  1. you apparently had too much blood in your coffee stream. :P