Monday, May 12, 2014

Writing this Weekend

My wife and I went camping this weekend with some friends. We have a 16 foot camper trailer that we took on it's first shakedown cruise since we bought it.

The camper we had just before this one was nice and helped us figure out what we really wanted in a camper trailer.
  • No leaks if it rains
  • A bigger double bed
  • A booth in addition to that bed
  • The ability for my wife to sleep in even if I can't
  • Coffee
These were hard and fast requirements so I could quietly slide out of bed, make coffee, and sit at the booth with my laptop. The trailer passed with flying colors.

I would wake at 6am, drink coffee, eat Strawberry Frosted Poptarts and work on my book! There was no Internet there and barely a cell signal. I spent the whole weekend off-line.

I got through six chapters this weekend! It was very productive. More fun and less like work too. I can meet my self imposed deadline if I manage just one chapter a day going forward.

--Maybe it was the Poptarts! Who knew!

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