Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Audio Books

Aven Shore
The Audio edition of my most recent novel, Virtues of the Vicious, is now available with the excellent Narrator is Aven Shore.

I get a lot of questions about audio book production from other authors I know. I always point them to www.ACX.com. ACX is an Amazon company that produces audio books for Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

The ACX website has a ton of resources and guidance including the new ACX University.

What's ACX University?
ACX University was established in 2013 to bring free audiobook production education to a community of new producers. Since then, we've grown from classrooms at Audible to an annual series of weekly webcasts for producers and authors to share knowledge of successful audiobook production and distribution.

What's the cost to participate?
Free! ACX University is available to all.

When and where can I watch?
Videos are available on a YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel or follow on Facebook to keep up with the latest audiobook news.

What's the catch?
No catch! At ACX, they are committed to providing authors, publishers, narrators, and producers with best-in-class training and education to make great audiobooks.

The digital market for books continues to grow. I currently sell more audio editions than paper editions. It's a great feature if you want to read the book yourself or work with a producer.

--Get reading!

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