Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Final Proofs

As an Indie Published Author, I discovered that there were advantages to publishing through a small press. I had a lawyer already on my team. So I started one.

Tannhauser Press was born.

It became obvious that having a small press was a huge advantage. It also allows me to assist other Indie Authors. We only publish a few titles a year.

This brings us to our tip.

The next book being published by Tannhauser Press is Caribbean Magic by Tuppence Van de Vaarst.

We are at the production phase I call the Final Proof.

All the writing is done. All the editing is done. All the beta reading, rewriting, more editing is done. The professional cover has been created. The book has been formatted, checked and re-checked. The back cover blurb, Author bio, dedication, and acknowledgments are all done.

The Final Proof has been ordered.

This is the copy that the Author has to go over with a microscope. Patients (patience) is required as it is reviewed one more time. Every aspect has to be approved by the author.

This PROOF is also dated and, if approved, should be preserved as copyright evidence. If approved, it is also a good time to register your copyright. We can talk about that in another post.

The Final Proof review is a powerful process. My first novel had a typo on the back cover. I should have paid more attention to the Final Proof. I should have had more eyes on it.

--Next week's tip will be How to do a Second Edition.

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