Friday, June 19, 2015

Writing Dialog

I am in the edit phase of  Book 2 of the Solstice 31 Saga: The Broken Cage.

I have a lot more dialog in this book than in the first book. There are more characters. It's fun to write the dialog with a different voice for each  character. I always make sure to use a natural language voice. To do this I say it out loud. Yes, my cat looks at me funny. My wife sometimes thinks I am speaking to her. It's worth it!

Grammar does not have to be right in dialog. I find that when people actually speak grammar is forgotten quickly.

I found another weirdness when editing dialog.

I write using the tool Scrivener (I love this tool!). It turns out that when Scrivener exports to MSWord format all the quote marks are inch marks, not open/close quotes.

To be honest, when I wrote Still Falling, I didn't even know there was a difference. There is a difference. 

( " ) vs  ( “ and ” )

--Say it out loud! Do it! Do it now!!

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  1. i wonder if this is why any dialog i tried to write felt forced? interesting. you've given me something to contemplate.