Monday, June 12, 2017

Reading: Quarter Share

This week I read Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell 

Series: Trader's Tales From The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper - Volume 1

Here is the description from Amazon:

What if we sent freighters instead of frigates?
In a universe run by corporations, where profit matters more than life, how can an orphan with no skills, no money, and no prospects survive?When Ishmael Wang's mother dies in a senseless accident, he's given a choice. Leave the planet on his own or the company will remove him. To avoid deportation, Ishmael finds work as a mess deck attendant on an interstellar freighter.

Find out what Ishmael must do to earn his Quarter Share.

My friend Chris recommended this series to me last summer while we were camping. This year I even met Nathan Lowell at a Science fiction conference. He is a great guy, a gentleman and a scholar!

--Great series. Buy them now!

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